Raising my voice for young women’s rights and empowerment

Each day, I raise my voice so that young women and girls are counted and heard in this crowd of toxic patriarchs. I also raise my voice so that, laws and cultural norms that discriminate against women can be eradicated. As part of Women for a Change, Cameroon (Wfac) Staff Capacity Strengthening Policy, in 2017, I was recommended to participate in […]

Women for A Change – Strengthens capacities on Reproductive Health Rights and Education

February 26 – 28, 2018 – Wfac staff received training on ensuring “Access To Reproductive Health Information”. The training was designed to build capacities of activists, support access to quality and accurate education and information around reproductive health services, products and resources. Organised by GIWYN Nigeria, Women Help Women, TICAH & VIAC, under the generous sponsorship of Amplify Change. “Staff […]

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