In her own words. Voice. Writing: 14-year-olds explain comprehensive sexuality education

In a class discussion early this week with WfacgShe facilitators on gender, sexual and health education (gShe), over 100 adolescents were asked to explain their understanding on the subject comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Since often people speak for adolescents and seldom do they speak for themselves or do the “Others” take a moment to listen and understand what young people, […]

43 years of Compulsive Sexism in Cameroon

“Africa in miniature” is the historical term often used to refer to Cameroon in high schools and other arenas. It is a term that adopts the culture of characterizing Cameroon as having a little bit of everything we find anywhere on the African continent, be it in terms of culture, economy, and resources. But what is in Cameroon that we will […]

Let’s talk SexEd in Cameroon

The question is: what is particular about this textbook? Well, apparently module four of the reader (for those who didn’t follow the conversation) talks about sexual and reproductive health. And as you know, we live in a society whereby discussions related to SEXUALITY is often attacked or faced with strong resistance from the public. Which is why the textbook, according […]

African Ministers agreed on a Common Position at the AADPD5 Review Process in Accra, Ghana: Translating women’s voice and stories as Data and indicators for change

“We must meaningfully invest in developing and owning our data…produce data that transforms lives, informs and shape policies as well as developmental programs across the continent” — a view expressed by most African ministers at the AADPD5 Review process. As a feminist civil society participant, I could not agree less with the African ministers. For our lives and realities as […]