OUR Values & Principles

• We believe in the equality of all
• We are a committed group of young women, dynamic, flexible and compassionate about women
and girls rights.
• We believe in success through collective efforts, team work and dynamism.
• We respect human diversity and their pursuit for freedom and happiness
• We value the unique potential and contribution of young women and girls in fostering national growth
• We are committed to creating a safe space for young women to lead and find their own voice


  • At Wfac, the talk/thinking is about ‘WE’ and NOT ‘me/ I’.
  • We are prompt in intervening and raising public consciousness on any issues concerning women’s rights and their SRHR.
  • We are judged by our ability to deliver results, promptly and with passion and integrity and not by our gender, age, sex and or ethnicity.
  • We are radicals for women’s rights, and are willing to un-learn old stereotypical and oppressive knowledge about women, and to re-learn new knowledge for the empowerment of women and girls, particularly around their SRHR Leadership.
  • We are a feminist organisation without a ‘but’ ‘and’ ‘or’
  • We are NOT a transit for “walk-abouts” or an “opt-in opt-out” terrain, rather
  • We are a robust institution, who are looking for people who want to work with us and NOT persons who want a job.