The Challenges Wfac Contributes to Address

Cameroon is home to over 20 million people. Out of which 50.5% are women. (2005 third General Population and Housing Census (3rd GPHC) results published in 2010). Research shows that the growth rate of the female population from 1987 to 2005 is 10.1% as against 09.9% for males. Yet
women’s participation continue to be lagging behind at the strategic levels in Government and other top positions. Women and girls continue to experience persistence forms of gender inequalities across different fields of work, including in academics, job opportunities, access to health care services, etc. Violence against women and girls (VAWg) remains a leading human rights threat in the country. Studies on VAWg shows that at least 53% of women have experienced one or more forms of violence before they reach the age of 15.  Approximately 22.5% of girls are either pregnant or mothers before they reach the age of 18. In this light, Wfac works to address these challenges within the context of the SDGs and other international and national human rights frameworks.