Advancing adolescents access to SRH services

In commemoration of World AIDs Day 2018 under the theme: “Know Your Status”, Women for a Change organised a free and voluntary HIV testing and counseling to some 120 students and staff of Lycée Bilingue de Bojongo, Douala.

The counseling and screening were aimed at providing adequate and appropriate information and education on the prevalence and transmission of HIV/AIDS to students and staff of the identified institution. According to a 2016 report by UNAIDs, it revealed that since 2010, new HIV infections have increased by 5% and AIDS-related deaths have decreased by 13%. As such, being an institution working for and with young people and adolescents around access to adequate sexual and reproductive health education, infrmation and access, it was important for Women for a Change through its weekly gender, Sexuality/society and Health Education (gShe) in and out of schools to increase young poeple’s access to SRH services, notably free voluntary HIV counseling and screening, including referrals on where to follow treatment, as well as reduced and prevent new infections, so as to enable them to ensure and secure their SRHR alongside make informed and live to change decisions.

The Wfac voluntary HIV testing and counseling also was designed following the current 2018-2020 strategic plan of the government through the Ministry of Health to reduce new infections by 60%, improve by 50% the life of infected persons, alongside increase by 50% the national response to HIV/AIDS, and extend activities against the pandemic to more health centers.

In conclusion, the Wfac gShe HIV Voluntary screening couldn’t have been any other time than this 2018 World AIDs Day, providing schools and college students with adequate understanding and knowledge around the wider range of SRH services with an emphasis on HIV/STIs voluntary testing and screening.

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Written by WfacgShe volunteers: Emmanuel Ndabombi, Douanla Merlus, Amstrong Bobvala, Tamo Stephane, Kinte Loveline, and Dasi Diran 

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