Advocacy is not just about being present in meetings

Last week,  September 4, 2018,  Wfac gShe facilitator Ms. Donkeng Vanessa participated at a national strategy meeting and working session on youth participation and inputs in the development of the National Strategic Plan to fight against AIDS 2018 – 2022.  Organized by the Ministry of Health (MINSANTE) through the National Aids Control Committee (CNLS), in collaboration with UNAIDS.  Also present were representatives from government ministries like the Ministry of Youth (Minjec), representatives from international and national organizations including youth-led and women’s-led organizations.

Ms. Donkeng rapporteuring for the CNLP-UNAIDS meeting

As a young feminist advocacy organization who have continually advocated for more young people, women, and girls in such spaces, it was somewhat encouraging to observe that over 60% of the participants at this meeting were all young. A representation we found worthwhile, though we know it is just not about being present in meetings but being able to contribute and engage meaningfully in developing and informing decisions on those issues that matter most to young people. A journey Wfac has led and continues to lead to ensure that more young people, women, and girls get a seat at the table of decision making to ensure that their rights are safeguarded and met.

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