In her own words. Voice. Writing: 14-year-olds explain comprehensive sexuality education

In a class discussion early this week with WfacgShe facilitators on gender, sexual and health education (gShe), over 100 adolescents were asked to explain their understanding on the subject comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Since often people speak for adolescents and seldom do they speak for themselves or do the “Others” take a moment to listen and understand what young people, adolescents girls and boys thinking around those taboo subjects such as CSE, which continue to attract contentious from some conservatives who argue that CSE is about encouraging sexual practices when in reality it is otherwise.

In a bit to find out what adolescents actually think about CSE. Here is an excerpt from the 14-year-old essays explaining what they understand by CSE and the impact of the program in their lives. It is important to note here that majority of the respondents have participated in one of Wfac’s gShe training, an annual capacity and leadership development program for young people in/out of schools.

14-year-old explains CSE in their own words

Joyce, 14, form 5 in the questionnaire explained that the WfacgShe training has now made her well informed about her rights and to understand the difference between a healthy relationship from an abusive relationship



According to Blessing, 14, form 4, she explains:

“ CSE has help me to be able to know that unprotected sexual relationships can lead to girls becoming pregnant or contracting STIs/STDs”.

Finally according to Joe, a form 4 student, aged 14 also explained that CSE has taught him to be empathetic, tolerant and responsible in life and towards everyone.

Published date: October 29, 2018

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