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WFAC Cameroon film about #AbortionStigma chosen for festival.

A new animated video by Women for a Change, Cameroon, has been selected to be shown at the ArtCity Short Film Festival in Buea, Cameroon and will be aired on Oct 4 – 8th.

In this 2 and a half minute animated video, based on true-life experiences, Women for a Change, Cameroon captures the voices and personal stories of some 3 women speaking out against the silence, myths and stigma of abortion.

The documentary will be aired on Oct 4 – 8th.


“Everyone has the right to quality reproductive healthcare services and facilities.
This is enshrined in the United Nations #UDHR, #ICPD_PoA, #MaputoProtocol, including the country’s Constitution.
Yet, women & girls access to these rights, particularly their access to safe abortion, are often faced with barriers, legally and or socio-culturally.
Leaving women/girls who chose to terminate a pregnancy either due to economic crisis, sexual violence, health and poverty, with little options but rather to sought ‘back-door’ means which often is unsafe and lethal.”


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