In her own words. Voice. Writing: 14-year-olds explain comprehensive sexuality education

In a class discussion early this week with WfacgShe facilitators on gender, sexual and health education (gShe), over 100 adolescents were asked to explain their understanding on the subject comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Since often people speak for adolescents and seldom do they speak for themselves or do the “Others” take a moment to listen and understand what young people, […]

43 years of Compulsive Sexism in Cameroon

“Africa in miniature” is the historical term often used to refer to Cameroon in high schools and other arenas. It is a term that adopts the culture of characterizing Cameroon as having a little bit of everything we find anywhere on the African continent, be it in terms of culture, economy, and resources. But what is in Cameroon that we will […]

Standing with Internally displaced women and girls from South west and North west regions of Cameroon

As violence continues to consume the regions of north-west and south-west, young people, women and girls are forced to flee and be displaced from their homes, communities, and cities to a much more presumedly safer communities. The crisis which began in 2016 has over the years, according to records from the United Nations, witnessed over 200000 persons internally displaced and […]

Strengthening capacities, building networks for sustainable volunteerism

May 2-11, 2018, Women for a Change, Cameroon (Wfac) together with eight other NGOs from Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Germany took part in the “Kick-off” meeting in Frankfurt Oder, Germany. A 22-month European Union Eramus+ program on “Sustainable Foundations for Sustainable Partnerships,” funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency for #Eramus + Sport, Youth and EU aid […]

Raising my voice for young women’s rights and empowerment

Each day, I raise my voice so that young women and girls are counted and heard in this crowd of toxic patriarchs. I also raise my voice so that, laws and cultural norms that discriminate against women can be eradicated. As part of Women for a Change, Cameroon (Wfac) Staff Capacity Strengthening Policy, in 2017, I was recommended to participate in […]

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