Hello, thank you for considering volunteering with Women For A Change, Cameroon (WFAC). We are excited to having you on our team of volunteers. And we hope you shall have a nice and fulfilling time with us!

Before you get STARTED, we advise you to kindly read through the information below so as to get an idea about our organisation and what we do.

About Women For A Change, Cameroon (WFAC)
WFAC, founded in 2009 is a nonprofit feminist, women-led organisation working for the promotion of women and girls sexual and reproductive health rights, leadership and development.

The association strategic objectives among others are to;
a) Advocate against sexual violence, raise awareness on HIV/AIDs, body autonomy, healthy dating relationship and attitudes towards sexuality, sexual roles and adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, through policy advocacy, peer-to-peer education and / or conferences,campaigns and workshop trainings.

b) Build alliances with men and other networks with focus on feminisms, and the promotion of women empowerment and gender justice

c) Use Short Messaging Services (SMS) & social media portals to empower young people to lead community actions that promote equality and justice for all, raise awareness on the status of women & girls, and to collect complaints / information from survivors of violence, sexual harassment and assault and facilitate their access to legal redress as well gaining justice.

Our Activities;
a) Capacity Building: This is aim at enhancing both staff, members and community participants’ (young people, adolescents and women/girls) leadership skills especially around women and girls sexual and reproductive health rights, leadership and development

b) Advocacy & community outreach : we mobilise and form coalitions with community and grassroots networks, share skills and knowledge on communication & mobilisation tactics for effective policy change and community development.

c) Communication and Networking: WFAC uses alternative tools like the SMS, social media, print media to connect with the public, raise awareness and also bring massive visibility to women and girls needs locally and globally.

Though WFAC is making progress, much is still to be achieved in…

  1. Addressing poor public attitudes concerning women’s sexuality and adolescent SRHR
  2. Empowering & build members’ capacities with relevant skills needed for empowerment
  3. Sufficient funding to facilitate realisation of the organisation’s dream.

Value & Principles

  • We believe that all human are equal and deserve to be treated equality
  • We believe that young people, women, children constitute a critical population and their voices should matter in all decision making processes
  • We have respect for human diversity and individual pursuit of freedom and happiness
  • We are dynamic, flexible and compassionate

We hope this little notes gives you some insights on Who We Are and What We Do. Please do check and provide us with the informations we request below by filling this application.

Thank you!


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