Focus Areas

Wfac’s focus areas are anchored to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as other international, regional and national human rights frameworks such as the CEDAW, Maputo Protocol, ICPD PoA, Vision2035, including the demographic dividend. The focus areas are:

i) To address Gender Based Violence (GBV) particularly Violence against women and girls (VAWg) : Gender based violence on women and girls remains the leading threat to ensuring women and girls human rights in the country. It is rooted in societal norms, customs and culture. Addressing GBV VAWg is key to fulfilling the SDGs and also realisation of Cameroon’s Vision2035 as well as harnessing the demographic dividend.

ii) Advancing CSE – Connect, Support and Empower women and girls through Comprehensive Sexuality Education : When girls and women are informed about their rights, particularly around their health and well being, they make informed choices and healthy decisions and this in turn is profitable to the society and the nation’s development.

iii) Advocacy : Empower young people, especially women and adolescents on SRHR advocacy to inform and influence policies and hold government accountable on their commitment to international human rights agreements, national policies and programmes.

iv) Leadership and development training : for youth and young people to acquire new skills to empower them to realise their potentials.