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Wfac launches magazine

Wfac Magazine launched succesfully

On September 23rd, the Vice Chancellor of University of Buea, Professor Nalova Lyonga,  was joined by INGOs/NGOs representatives, government officials, human rights/gender activists, the press/media, young people, students, women and men to celebrate the launch of Wfac magazine.

The audience heard the vice-chancellor of Buea University talk about the need to end violence against women.

“Every woman has a unique story. Through Wfac Magazine, some of these stories have been amplified […] this must not stop because there are many more untold stories of great women which must be heard!”
Prof. Nalova Lyonga, Vice Chancellor University of Buea

Professor Joyce Endeley, from the Department of Gender Studies at the University of Buea, spoke about the need to address violence aganst women.

“Violence is unacceptable and the game of blaming and labelling women/girls is over”

“The application and sanctioning against infringement of policy, laws and social norms on gender-based violence, combined with good research of the subject and education of the public from a gender perspective are the key strategies for the eradication of GBV.”
Prof. Joyce .M. Endeley, Gender Studies, University of Buea

The ceremony continued with a Panel Discussion moderated and led by three remarkable women who shared their experiences. Which encouraged many others in the audience to do likewise.

“Expressing voices and rights is no justification for social structures and patriarchy to promote, support and maintain violence on females.”
Prof. Joyce .M. Endeley, Gender Studies, University of Buea

The magazine, which has the theme ‘Our Voices, Our Struggles and Our Stories, is part of the work by WFAC Cameroon to raise awareness of issues relating to gender violence and patriarchy. And to show how women can become empowered by speaking out.

Executive director of WFAC, Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh, said about the launch..

“Inasmuch as I am sometimes scared of surprises”  “I must admit that I loved what happened at the launch. It was just superb especially when everyone started presenting their #MyVoiceMYStory experience – one which was initially not included as part of the agenda”

Wfac magazine first edition

Copies of the Wfac Magazine are now available.
To order a copy
Or whatsApp 677150924 / 678376330


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